Air Conditioning Services Gippsland

More and more people today are experiencing the benefits of comfortable working, living and leisure environments made possible with air conditioning. Providing air conditioning services for Gippsland is our specialty. As an independent company we can supply and install the major leading brands.

Our service includes:

* Installation

* Supplies

* Split System

* Residential air conditioning

* Repairs & Maintenance

* Reverse Cycle

* Commercial air conditioning


Kool Air P/L conditioning provides installation and maintenance solutions to various commercial works. Commercial air conditioning can offer solutions for factory / warehouse environments, apartment complexes, and office blocks, as per budget and space constraints, and often with long warranty periods. Commercial or industrial air conditioning options can include gas ducting, refrigerated cooling, split units, and evaporative cooling.


If your requirements are for one room with wall mounted room air conditioning, wall or floor mounted split system, we can design and install the perfect system for your home or office. For those whose requirements extend to multiple rooms, then a fully ducted or multi-split system can be designed and installed to provide the year-round comfort conditions you desire.


We offer regular maintenance of the air conditioning services we provide, alongside maintenance for various workplaces; commercial air conditioning, industrial air conditioning & residential air conditioning depending upon environment and usage.


Air conditioning can be used to cool separate rooms, which gives you the ability to choose which rooms you want to heat or cool and at what time. That also gives you control over how much you spend on running costs. If you just want to cool a lounge room on a hot day, then the rest of the house can be closed off saving the amount of space need to be cooled. Split systems work by transferring hot and cold air from one place to another.


A reverse cycle air conditioner is widely recognized as a heat pump, and they’re neatly constructed to remove all of the warmth from the air inside a particular space, while at the same time pumping out all of the hot air outside of your room.