Panasonic Australia is a market leader in the field of consumer electronics.

Panasonic offers a wide range of air conditioning products for the home, including:

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Room Air Conditioning

Energy saving Inverter technology and air purifying filter combine to save you money on your power bill and ensure the air that you breathe is free of allergens and bacteria.

Packaged Air Conditioning

Our systems look very discreet and have been designed with flexibility in mind. Both the indoor and outdoor unit are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport, and install.


The FS Multi system uses a single outdoor unit to independently control multiple indoor units, enabling independent operation of each of the indoor units and optimum energy-saving operation. A wide range of indoor models is available to satisfy the needs of different kinds of buildings from residential to commercial.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Panasonic VRF systems cover a range of high efficiency and large capacity indoor and outdoor options, designed to offer individual room control while capitalising on energy-efficiency innovations. They also allow for simultaneous heating and cooling, making them perfect for commercial buildings with varying loads and different zones.