Occasionally, your aircon unit will need to be serviced. That’s where Kool Air come in: not only do we maintain & repair any of the aircon units we install, we will replace parts when needed. Kool Air constantly oversees its supplies of spare parts and the like, including:

  • motors
  • fans
  • pipes
  • compressors
  • inverters
  • ventilators
  • and more!

Kool Air’s broad knowledge and years of experience will ensure that we can find and/or replace the part your aircon unit needs. When contacting us, though, try to have as many details on hand as possible in order for us to source the required part that much quicker. This includes:

  • Unit make
  • Unit model (including serial number)
  • Unit size (height/width/depth)
  • Motor size

If we don’t have the part to hand amidst our supplies, we can find it for you!